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Dreaming of a conservatory?

Good planning saves cost and trouble! How to make the right choice of materials, alignment, comfort zones, etc., you can read here.

And who takes the dog?

Tips for where and how you can lovely accommodate your cat or dog during holiday season.

Garden Paradise for Dogs?

Watch out, garden lovers! We have summerized for you, the best tips and tricks on how to transform your garden, into a small oasis for you and your dog in just a few steps.

30 day risk free trial

You have the option to test the petWALK pet door with your cat or dog within 30 days before permanently installing it. We will explain how.

Transform Easter into a Dog Highlight!

Spend Easter with your dog in different way. Egg hunt on four paws with the petWALK pet door. We have countless tips for you and your dog.

How long do I need to wait for the delievery of my petWALK pet door?

Have you already made the choice to get your pets a petWALK pet door and are now wondering about the delilvery process? We gathered all the necessary information for you on a single page.

RFID Chips

We are often being asked how chip recognition works with the petWALK pet door. This article will help to clyrify the most frequent asked questions.

Catflap in a fly screen?

We have a better solution! Profit non-seasonal from an own entry for your cat.  Read about the advantages of a petWALK pet door.

Which accessories for which installation location?

Whether tunnel-set, cover or door contact – what is really necessary? We have summarized the products we recommend you to order depending on the installation site.