Maintenance on your petWALK door

Maintenance made easy! We’ll show you how to proceed with your annual petWALK check-up.

See you soon, summer – Hello, winter! Enjoy nature with your four-legged friends during those cold winter months. We’ve summarized how you can prepare yourself and your petWALK door for these freezing times and how you should proceed with your door’s maintenance.

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Maintenance on your petWALK door

Maintenance made easy! We’ll show you how to proceed with your annual petWALK check-up.

See you soon, summer – Hello, winter! Enjoy nature with your four-legged friends during those cold winter months. We’ve summarized how you can prepare yourself and your petWALK door for these freezing times and how you should proceed with your door’s maintenance.

While the winter presents itself with its own set of perks and those freezing temperatures get closer, houses, gardens and cars are being made winterproof. We’re also receiving requests on how to winterproof the petWALK pet door. Generally speaking, the pet door is pretty low-maintenance. However in order to guarantee full functionality for as long as possible, we advise you to proceed with an annual check-up of your petWALK door. Continue reading in order to find out on how to complete your check-up and what you should keep in mind while doing so.

Fall’s knocking on your door: that’s how you maintain your petWALK door

Only a few steps will take you to a freshly polished hinge

Nothing will get more on your nerves, than a squeaking door hinge. After a while, your hinge will attract and collect dust, the metal can become worn-off after heavy usage and many times the door hinge will become quite sticky. It will only take you a couple of minutes to free your hinge from dirt or unwanted sounds, plus it will only require a handful of tools. Make use of the silicone grease, which you can find in your petWALK maintenance kit and put it on the door hinges. Voilà! Your petWALK door will be silent again going forward.

Spring-cleaning a few months early

In order to move into the new season all fresh and clean, you can also make your pets special door shine. After a while dust may find its way into the door’s hinges in addition to dirt, which might be brought into your home by your furry friend’s paws. Plus those delightful summer rain sessions might also leave their marks on the outside of your pet door. 


  • Just use your vacuum cleaner and remove the superficial dirt
  • Take a wet towel and remove the remaining dirty marks on your door

Take a closer look

A lot of times trivial things get overlooked. That’s why we advise you to take your time once a year and take a closer look at your petWALK door. Asking yourself the following questions will help you not to skip any important steps during maintenance. 

  • Is the door leaf positioned on the right spot?
  • Is the decor adjusted correctly?
  • Is the silicone joint on the outer side still durable?
  • Are the seals on top of the door leaf still working? 

Re-adjusting the slip clutch

Depending on how heavy your personal usage will be, we recommend retightening the slip clutch at least once a year.

Try the hand-check

In order to make use of the hand-check, place your hand through the open pet door and try closing it via the remote control. That way you can simulate an item that’s blocking your door. The door is supposed to touch the item just a little bit, right before opening up again. This will give you the chance to remove the item that’s blocking the door. The error message “Error E03” will be displayed, even without the hand-check if the slip clutch should malfunction.

How it works:

If your door displays the error message “Error E03”, it means that the slip clutch is not adjusted properly and needs readjustment.

Causes for an error:

E3 will be displayed, if the door won’t close due to the loose mounting of the slip clutch, which stops the engine responsible for the opening-mechanism from working. This might happen after a certain amount of time. In that case, your door will regularly display an error-message and the door itself will be blocked.

The slip clutch essentially provides an additional safety net, in order to protect your pet from being pinched inside the door, should the electronics fail. However, after a while and regular usage, the slip clutch might wear itself down. Careful! This will result in a safety risk, since the door won’t be able to stop even if your pet gets jammed inside. However, regular dragging of the slip clutch might result in earlier signs of wear, which will prevent it from working correctly even sooner. In that case we recommend letting your petWALK door receive proper maintenance. You can find more about that on our homepage. You can find additional information regarding the proper adjustment of the slip clutch under “frequently asked questions”


Clearing the error:

Should the door still be open, remove the item that’s blocking it. If the door is closed already, you should try to find out what exactly was blocking it, in order to avoid that situation in the future. Afterwards confirm the error message with the “OK”-button on your remote control. That will remove the error message on the door’s display.

Use the video or our user manual as a guide on how to readjust the slip clutch.

Rattling door? Here's why!

If you hear a rattling noise coming from your petWALK door and it’s also displaying error message E01 while opening or closing it, the reason probably lies behind a drastic temperature change within the door’s surroundings. The temperature will affect the metal and reposition it, which leads to pressure on the door leaf. That will lead to the bolts not being able to close as easily.

The error messages can easily be removed by readjusting the interlocking bolts. Continue reading to find out how:


While locking or unlocking the bolts you will hear a rattling noise. The door won’t open and displays the error message “E01”.

Cause for the error message:

The contact pressure affecting the interlocking bolts might be too strong.

How to clear the error:

PetWALK doors contain adjustable interlocking bolts, which will allow you to readjust the contact pressure individually. Download the user manual or follow these instructions:

The contact pressure will be adjusted ideally, if it is possible to press the closed and locked door leaf against the seal ever so slightly. That means there should only be a margin left for maneuver. 

You won’t be able to open or close the door if the bolts are adjusted too firmly. That’s easily noticeable when the engine starts rattling or if the door won’t open and displays the error message “E01”.

You can easily adjust the contact pressure by using a torx wrench size 15. The door will close easier if the flattened side is turned towards the inside. However it will close harder, if it is turned towards the outside.

petWALK's Wartungskit

Your All-in-One one bag!

With this package you are prepared for anything and nothing will stand in the way of your early spring cleaning!

  • The bag includes:
  • 1x pack of hook-and-loop fasteners
    1x remote control
  • 1x microfiber cloth
  • 1x open-end wrench for adjusting the slip clutch
    1x silicone grease
  • 1x silicone for sealing the outer flange
    1x flange seal
  • 1x hex-wrench
  • 1x torx wrench

Make use of your practical petWALK bag when you’re out with your furry partner. It’s useful for storing treats or other items on the go.

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