30 day return policy

Want to test your petWALK door before installation?

Go ahead! You have the option to test the petWALK pet door with your cat or dog within 30 days before permanently installing it. We will explain how.

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petWALK doors are in no way comparable to common cat or dog flaps. They are real entrance doors for your pets. As you may have only experienced flaps before, we understand that there are lots of questions concerning the petWALK door waiting to be answered.

Is petWALK big enough for my dog? Does my cat’s implanted chip work? Can my elderly dog walk through comfortably? How does my blind cat react to the door?

We see why you would like to test the product first. Order the petWALK door or make an appointment with one of our partners to see their show door (in this case please make sure that the available door is the size you desire to test).

3 reasons to test the petWALK door:

Blind bargains are offered elsewhere. We make sure that cats, dogs and their humans are fully satisfied with our product. Test the door with your pets, gather some experience in using it and get reassured that the investment pays off!

Which door size should I choose for my cat or dog?

Choosing the right size for your cat is easy. The petWALK door size “medium” fits every cat. From the smallest kitty to an XXL cat, the medium size will fit them all. What you might like to test before getting the petWALK door for your cat is the installation height. You do not even need to order the petWALK door to define the best installation height, but cut an opening of 20 x 30 cm (7.87 x 11.81 in) into a piece of card board, and set it up in a door frame between two rooms.

Roughly calculate the planned installation height (e.g. starting to measure from the floor to the beginning of the future cut-out in your glass pane) and add 5 cm (2.96 in). Position your piece of cardboard in the resulting height. If your cats have difficulty hopping through the hole, you should choose a different (lower) location for installation so that you can later make the best use of all functions of the petWALK door (especially movement and RFID detection). 

For dogs, it is essential to choose between the large (opening of 30 x 50 cm/11.81 x 19,68 in) and medium (opening of 20 x 30 cm/7.87 x 11.81 in) sized door. If you are unsure, which size to select for your dog, you could also make the cardboard test as explained above. In general, dogs will fit through the medium sized door up to a shoulder height of around 50 cm (19.68 in). This might not apply to all breeds, as it greatly depends on shoulder width and stature. For the more muscular breeds or when you plan to have different breeds of dogs in the future, it might be a good idea to size up. You can order and test the door with your dog as shown below.

office dog Paula practising with cardboard

How do RFID chips work to open the door?

Should RFID be an important purchase criteria, you should definitely test this functionality thoroughly. The petWALK door will primarily detect movement, RFID access control can be activated additionally. As there are lots of factors influencing the functionality of RFID, we highly recommend to test it first hand with your pets. The RFID collar tags offered in our shop work at a distance of around 15-20 cm (6-7.5 in), depending on the size of the tag.

Implanted chips, on the other hand, are so small compared to collar tags, that they might not reflect the signals of the door strong enough. Thus, the function of implanted chips cannot be guaranteed. This is why it is really important to test your pets’ implanted chips with the door. For some, the implanted chips, especially those of cats, work fine. If the implanted chip reflects the signals of the door strong enough, you can expect a reach of 5-10 cm (2-4 in).

If you have any questions while testing the RFID functionality at home, please do not hesitate to call us. We might be able to provide some insider tips to make the most out of your pet’s RFID reach. You can also find more on RFID here.



Feel the difference!

The petWALK door is quite different from a flap. It is hard to imagine, how big the difference really is, judging by descriptions on the Internet. Some things are easier to understand when experienced first hand.

If you ask yourself… Will my shy cat accept the door? Can my elderly dog walk through comfortably? How loud is the opening/closing sound?… then it would be best to order a petWALK door and use the test set-up to train the process with your cat or dog as often as you want to. At worst, you just return the door within 30 days after delivery.

But let’s be honest, your pets will never ever want to be without their door again!



Using the packaging as a test set-up

Before installing the petWALK door into your window/wall, etc. test the door close to where it is planned to be installed later on. To make it easier to test the door, you can transform the packaging into a makeshift test set-up.

Unpack the petWALK door.

Push the lid inside where it is perforated.

Remove the slot for the electricity cable on either side of the box. Place the petWALK door in the middle of the box.

Stabilise the petWALK door by pushing the cardboard flaps into the gap between the inner and outer frame of the door.
ATTENTION! The door module has to be held in any case to prevent it from tubling over (especially when the door opens, as the mass centre shifts!)

Connect the petWALK door to the next wall socket with the plug included in the delivery and you are ready to go!


Secure the door by holding on to it!
Hint: Place the box in a door frame between two rooms and block the sides so that your pet has no other way but to go through the petWALK door.


How do I return the door?

If you really do want to send the door back, eg. because your dog needs the larger sized door, please contact us within working hours and ask for a return label.

Please not that we can only accept doors in perfect condition. Already installed doors, damaged or heavily stained doors cannot be returned or will only be accepted in exchange for a fee. Please pack the petWALK door using the same box-in-box method that you received your door in.  The outer box prevents transport damage.

Once at our warehouse, we will check the returned door and will transfer your money back within a week.




We are here for you!

We are here for you!

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Ask your customer service team!

Any questions left? Turn to our free support for advice on any of our products. We are happy to answer all your questions via telephone or mail.

Receive detailed advice before making your purchase in order to find the petWALK door that best covers your needs. After all, every installation situation is individual and the requirements of our four-legged darlings can also vary.