Save yourself the trouble of catflaps

Why install a catflap when there is a better solution for all the seasons?

petWALK is the only cat and dog door, that offers full control and security, even small flying insects cannot make it into the house !

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We can never get enough of our beloved for-legged family members, but we do get enough of insects! The annoying little troublemakers often prevent a quiet night and are not only a nuisance at the dining table , but as soon as you leave the balcony door open for the cat, the uninvited guests come flying in. Especially in summer, annoying mosquitos and flies are almost inevitable.  Allegedly, the solution is a fly screen for the balcony door! But does the cat also see it that way? The cat will probably try to break through the fly screen. Unfortunately, the fly screen is unlikely to last long and thus the protection from insects will be missing either way.

The petWALK pet door is a permanent solution to the insect problem!

Fly screen for you, petWALK door for your cat

No more open balcony doors or custom-built cat flaps for the fly screen – let your cat open the door by itself. By the way, this is not only the best option for warmer temperatures!

Installing the petWALK cat door next to the fly screen

Once the petWALK pet door is installed, your cat is free to go outside at any time, regardless of whether a balcony door is open or not. You don’t have to tinker with the fly screen or open the door for your cat ever again!

This also means that you can fit a fly screen without any problems and your cat can still get outside independently through its own petWALK door next door.

Choose an installation location for your petWALK cat door, which could be the wall next to the balcony door or install the door into glass.

Kill 3 birds with one ... petWALK!

The petWALK pet door only opens when your cat comes close and closes immediately after the animal has left the entrance area.

This has the nice side effect that, compared to a cat flap or an open balcony door, not only do flies and other insects not stand a chance in summer, but on very hot days the heat also stays outside. To your advantage, we can guarantee a proper saving in energy costs in winter. In a nutshell, it kills 3 birds with one petWALK 😊

Every season is an advantage

Unfortunately, summer is over far too quickly. Why should you tinker with a cat flap in the fly screen for a few months of the year? The installation of a cat door brings advantages all year round. petWALK is 100% tight, even in the heaviest storms and hottest temperatures. Installing a conventional cat or dog flap often destroys the expensive energy envelope of the house due to draughts and heat loss through the flap’s simple plastic shield.

The petWALK pet door, on the other hand, is absolutely airtight and ensures a pleasant living climate all year round. It has also proven this outcome in the blower door test with top ratings! You can find the insulation ratings under “Technical Data” on our website.

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We're here for you!

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