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What makes petWALK different from a cat flap?

petWALK is the only cat door which has built-in security mechanisms and enables full control. petWALK doors are so different from flaps, that a comparison with usual flaps is not even possible.

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8 differences to a cat flap

Flaps are yesterday’s news. Read the benefits and reviews and open up to try something completely different, an investment that will pay off in every respect. 

petWALK is secure

Have you ever seen a catflap that locks itself?

The petWALK pet door will only open when your cat comes close and locks after it has passed through. This means your cat can unlock and lock the door securely on its own!

petWALK is insulated

Did you invest a fortune in the insulation or air conditioning of your home?

Then don’t save on the wrong things. The petWALK pet door will keep the warmth inside in winter and the heat outside in summer. This is not only environmentally friendly, but goes easy on your budget too.

petWALK is airtight

Are you sensitive to air draught?

The petWALK pet door will keep 100% airtight, even in the heaviest winds. It attains optimum values in the blower-door-test and ensures your indoor climate is perfectly cosy all year round. Even noise and dust stay outside. 

petWALK is sturdy

Would you like your pet entrance to last?

The petWALK pet door is made to last. It is built in a modular way, so that all parts can be exchanged in case time (or your pet) have taken a toll on the door. 

petWALK is pretty

Did you invest lots of time designing your interior?

Then your eyes will certainly light up to the endless design options of exchangeable cover plates for the petWALK cat door. Choose from hundreds of available colours or design your own!

petWALK is of high quality

Do you favour high quality products?

So do we. The petWALK pet door is manufactured in Germany and Austria. This way, we can keep full control over the quality and support local workmanship.

petWALK is intelligent

Do you appreciate full control and flexibility?

The petWALK pet door is fully automatic and can be controlled via smartphone from anywhere with Internet access (petWALK.control box needed) – a real relief in case you have to stay out longer than expected.

petWALK is popular

Did you ever fall in love at first sight?

Our four-legged customers do. The petWALK pet door has a very unique opening mechanism that differs a lot from usual flaps and makes passing through significantly more comfortable. 

The petWALK cat door in action!

Experiencing the first snow flakes of your life? Is possible for your cats through the petWALK pet door, even when you are not at home.

In full speed through the petWALK pet door leaves sis looking astounded behind. 

It’s kind of magic! The petWALK cat door opens and closes fully automatic. Some cats think they have a new butler…

What door is best for me and my cat?

petWALK adapts to your home and needs. You will love your new freedom as much as your cat!

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