Easter with a dog

How to transform Easter to your dog’s personal highlight?

Easter is a happy occasion for everyone, which is why your four legged companion should be included as well. We’ve talked with certified dog trainer and expert Michaela Strohmayer and asked her, what areas you should pay special attention to, in order to include your dog the best way possible.

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This year’s Easter is going to be a calm and comfortable occasion, which we’ll be spending at home. Our furry friends are happy! Shared activities with your dog strenghten your personal as well as the family’s connection to your four legged partner. Fun games such as searching for things allow the pet to live out their natural instinct, sniffing and discovering the world, and develop said abilities even further. This also provides an alternative way to train your pet and become active.

Transform this year’s Easter with your dog

In order to ensure a safe place to have fun with your dog, some things have to be considered. 3 ideas on how you could be spending this year with your dog:

Lettuce for this year's nest

An inventive way to surprise your dog with is to use a nest made out of lettuce, which can be filled with all sorts of delicious treats, such as peanut butter. If you add your dog’s favourite things like carrots and other snacks, your pet’s Easter snack is served. 

Hide your dog’s salad mix and let it search for it. This will be the highest reward for your dog. Since the lettuce itself is low-carb, it can be consumed just as easily as the other treats.

Be on alert if you hide sweets for your kids at the same time!

Searching for treats is just as fun for your dog as it is for children, which is why you have to pay special attention to both. Your pet must not eat your children’s sweets.

Even if it tastes delicious for us humans, the sweets ingredients are poisonous for pets and can cause severe health issues. Especially chocolate, which contains Theobromin, can be deadly after consuming a certain amount. Even if poisoning by chocolate is more common with dogs, your cat shouldn’t consume it either.

Eggs instead of chocolate!

Rather than having eggs made out of chocolate, try cooked eggs as a special treat. They are even healthy for your dog, however you shouldn’t feed it more than two per week.

Happy Easter from our kitchen: try pouring egg yolk over your dog’s food. This will add essential fatty acids as well as vitamins and Biotin. Even uncolored egg shells will provide a natural source of calcium. However pay attention: wash them before feeding them to your dog!

Sniffing carpet as Easter decoration

Spring flowers, plastic eggs, strings and similar decorations should stay out of reach for your dog. Careful! Lilies, crocuses and hyacinths are highly poisonous! However decoration seems to have a special attraction for cats and dogs, which is why they love to play with it.

Ever thought of special decoration for your dog? The special thing about it, even for us humans, is that it’s time limited. You can do the same thing for your pet. For instance, you could try giving them a sniffing carpet only during the spring time each year around Easter.

A four-legged egg hunt

The best thing about Easter is the search for surprises, sweets and eggs. That’s why it’s even better to share it with your loved ones. For that occasion, we also have a few ideas on how to make the big search a little more interesting.


Attention! The following hiding places are only for highly accurate noses!

Naturally it is important to let your pet become familiar with the process of searching for things, which is why you should choose hiding places, that remain accessible for your dog. It’s a good idea to pick easier spots in the beginning, to help your four legged partner understand what the game is all about. The more practice it gets, the more difficult the hiding places can become. 

When the weather allows it, the egg hunt can take place in the garden, where you will have many spots to choose from as a hiding place. The possibilities are endless, such as carefully spreaded treats, self-made nests hidden in trees or bushes, burried underneath the ground or hidden within empty plant pots. As long as you let your furry friend get creative and become active, nothing will stand in the way of your Easter fun.

Take advantage of your petWALK door during the search and keep your pet inside the house while filling up all the hiding spots. Once you’re all set, let your dog outside by simply opening the pet door!

Tip: You can wrap the treats inside paper, which will let your pet become creative in unwrapping them. That will additionally enhance the fun for your dog. 

You don’t necessarily have to go outside for some Easter fun. Small treats are perfect for hiding them underneath carpets, behind pillows, under the couch or in cardboards. Laundry baskets also have additional functionalities and can be used as hiding places. You can also take advantage of your petWALK door and use it as a hiding place, which your dog will only discover, if it uses the door.

Tip: Use egg cartons to craft simple toys for your dog, which can be used in many different ways. Try wrapping some treats inside a newspaper and hide it within the egg cartons. You can also cover them up using balls or additional wrapping paper, the possibilities are truly endless.


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Michaela Strohmayer

Michaela Strohmayer

The recommendations come from the animal welfare qualified dog trainer, and state commissioned dog examiner Michaela Strohmayer.

If you are looking for someone with the right set of skills and experience, who will make you and your dog a real team, then please visit the website: https://www.wuffit.at/.