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Have you ever wondered how easy it is to install a petdoor? Wonder no more!

The petWALK petdoor is easily installed by assembling it into a glass with double or triple laminated glazing. A new glass pane with the correct aperture and a firm frame around its opening has to be ordered from your local window company or glazier. Then the door is “clamped“ and the installation is done, it’s as simple as that!.

All you need are the below common household tools:

  • Allen Key SW 4.0
  • Stanley knife (carpet cutter) or scissors
  • Hacksaw or angle grinder with steel cutting blade (in case of masonry optional tunnel installation)
  • Hand saw or table saw (in case of masonry optional tunnel installation)

If you want to change your place of residence, you can easily disassemble it and take it with you 🙂

Installation dimensions

For a successful installation, the size of the opening in the structure has to be as accurate as possible, below are the required measurements for both models:

  • Medium size: 38 cm (± 0.5 cm) x 53 cm (± 0.5 cm) / 15 in (± 0.2 in) x 20.9 in (± 0.2 in)
  • Large size: 48 cm (± 0.5 cm) x 73 cm (± 0.5 cm) / 18.9 in (± 0.2 in) x 28.7 in (± 0.2 in)

Kindly ensure that there is at least a gap of 30 mm / 1.2 in between the edges of the opening and the edges of the device so that the petWALK’s door frame can be mounted easily.

Installation in a window glass

  • The easiest way to install a petWALK pet door is into an ESG glass (double or triple glazed windows). All that is required is the correct opening in the glass pane. Kindly note that there is a requirement to purchase a new glass pane with the right dimensions. The old glass pane can be kept in case you decide to move out.
  • Should it be necessary during production, the inner edges of the cutout in the glass may have an inner radius of up to 5 mm / 0.2 in.
  • The placement of the cutout in the glass should be selected so that the lowest possible installation height is achieved, another option would be an L-shaped cutout or even a U shaped cutout.

Please contact a professional glazier or a window manufacturer to avoid any unnecessary damages! Below are pictures of how the final installation product should look like



Glass Window

Final Installed Door


Where can the petwalk pet door be installed?

The petWALK petdoor can be installed in almost any kind of structure, that has the appropriate dimensions. Typically, petWALK pet doors are installed in patio doors or windows (double or triple glazed), entrance doors (built into the door panel) and in masonry

How do you lay the power cable when installing the petWALK pet door in glass?

The most elegant way of doing this is to lay the power cable in the glazing bead as shown in the following pictures

  1. The power supply is connected in the inner frame and the petwalk petdoor is mounted into cutout in the glass
  2. Power supply cables and door contact connection cables are laid behind the glazing bead. 

Is it possible to install a door contact or connect the door to an alarm system at a later date? 

Yes! you can install both a door contact and a connection cable for an alarm system at a later date. the appropriate connection cable (available on our online shop at has to be connected to the circuit board. The corresponding installation instruction will be sent with the delivery. Our customer support team is availabe to help you

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